Constan line sandals

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Price $132.32
Product Code P0000LQV
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Supplier Private supply
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Size&Fit 245 기준 : 발볼 9.5 굽높이 6 cm
Fabric 겉감- 양가죽 / 안감- 합성피혁 바닥통싸개 - 제가죽 양가죽 통싸개
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A must-read notice for custom-made handmade shoes!
This product is manufactured after a consumer order.
After a production period of 10-14 days (excluding weekends and holidays),
This product is shipped out, so please submit a separate order form.

It may take longer than the above period in case of overflow of orders.
(especially for group purchase products)

Products manufactured according to the individual order of the consumer
Exchanges and returns (including cancellations after ordering) are not accepted.
This content is subject to the standard terms and conditions of the Fair Trade Commission.

At the time of purchase, consent is deemed to be
Withdrawal of subscription (cancellation, exchange, return request) is restricted.

shoes model image-S1L2
Constan line sandals

Ivory / Brown / Khaki / Black
1.5cm / 6cm

Outer - Sheepskin / Lining - Synthetic leather
Bottom cover - My leather lambskin wrap
* High quality double midsole leather wrap

245 standard: foot ball 9.5 heel height 6 cm

shoes model image-S1L11
shoes model image-S1L13
shoes model image-S1L15
Black| 6cm
shoes model image-S1L21
shoes model image-S1L22
shoes model image-S1L23
shoes model image-S1L24
shoes model image-S1L25
shoes model image-S1L26
shoes model image-S15L1
shoes model image-S15L2
shoes model image-S15L3
shoes model image-S15L4
shoes model image-S15L5
shoes model image-S15L7
Ivory| 6cm
shoes model image-S1L27
shoes model image-S1L28
shoes model image-S1L29
shoes model image-S1L30
shoes model image-S1L32
shoes model image-S15L8
shoes model image-S15L9
shoes model image-S15L12
shoes model image-S15L13
shoes model image-S15L14
shoes model image-S15L15
shoes model image-S15L16
shoes model image-S15L17
Khaki| 6cm
shoes model image-S1L33
shoes model image-S1L34
shoes model image-S1L35
shoes model image-S1L36
shoes model image-S1L38
shoes model image-S1L39
shoes model image-S1L40
Brown| 6cm
shoes model image-S1L41
shoes model image-S1L43
shoes model image-S1L44
shoes model image-S1L45
shoes model image-S1L46
shoes model image-S1L47
Ivory| 1.5cm
shoes model image-S1L48
shoes model image-S1L49
shoes model image-S1L50
shoes model image-S1L51
shoes model image-S1L52
shoes model image-S1L53
shoes model image-S1L54
shoes model image-S1L55
shoes model image-S1L56
shoes model image-S1L57
shoes model image-S15L18
shoes model image-S15L20
shoes model image-S15L21
shoes model image-S15L23
Black| 1.5cm
shoes product image-S1L58
shoes model image-S1L59
shoes model image-S1L60
shoes model image-S1L61
shoes model image-S1L62
shoes model image-S1L63
shoes model image-S1L64
shoes model image-S1L65
shoes model image-S1L66
shoes model image-S1L67
shoes model image-S1L68
shoes model image-S1L69
shoes model image-S1L70
shoes model image-S1L71

The detail image most closely resembles the actual product color.
Colors may vary by monitor.
shoes -S17L1
Q.Why does the last float when viewed from the side?
A. It should be floating to some extent on a flat surface.
This is because of its ergonomic design that is 'comfortable when walking'.
The longer the front nose, the more difficult it is to hear that part.
Because there is discomfort while walking
The degree of lifting depends on the shape of the last nose.
shoes white color image-S14L1
shoes detail image-S14L2
shoes brown color image-S12L2
Ivory 1.5cm
shoes white color image-S1L120
Ivory 6cm
shoes white color image-S1L113
Black 6cm
shoes white color image-S1L96
Khaki 6cm
shoes white color image-S1L98
Brown 6cm
shoes white color image-S1L100
shoes brown color image-S1L102
shoes grey color image-S1L116
shoes oatmeal color image-S1L115
shoes detail image-S1L117
shoes detail image-S1L114

The size can be adjusted with a hook and a strap.
We recommend true to size.

The model's foot size is 235-240.
1.5cm black flat fitted 240.

The foot size of Yubin model is 240-245.
1.5cm eye flat is 240
6cm black heel 240/eye, khaki, brown heel 245

- Product color may differ slightly from actual color depending on the resolution of your monitor.
- The color of the product cut is the closest to the actual product color.
 Ivory, Khaki, Brown, Black
  245 standard: foot ball 9.5 heel height 6 cm
A/S information and person in charge
한국어 쇼핑몰 고객센터 / 070-4404-2996

shoes -S1L7
If it does not correspond to the reason for the defect
· Sewing finish or unclean seams treatment
· Error between the actual size and the actual size (about 1-2cm)
· Simple wrinkling of the product during delivery
· Chalk marks left during the production process
Color difference due to monitor resolution difference
Damage to the product due to improper packaging
Miscellaneous yarns and oats that occur due to the nature of the material and color
· Minor scratches or dents, unsophisticated stitches
shoes -S1L10

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